Drive Intelligent in the Digital Age

Drive Intelligent in the Digital Age

Drive Intelligent in the Digital Age

As personal, government, and commercial activities continue to migrate to the digital realms, so do the cyber hacking activities. Large-scale cyber-attacks are becoming frequent in the US. The hackers are now not only loaded with better funds, but they have become more organized and more sophisticated. As per the news and statistics of last year, dozens of banks have become victims of cyber-attacks and hacking, attempted by foreign attackers. As per the records of The State published on May 8, 2013, cyber crooks have stolenaround nearly 400,000 tax data and credit card numbers and 3.6 million social security numbers from the Department of Revenue computers, South Carolina. It resulted in an expenditure of $20 million as the cleanup cost for the state. As per the updates in Bloomberg, dated January 31, 2012, financial services firms needed to boost their yearlyapproximate cybersecurity expenses to nearly 300 million dollars.

With the adoption of cloud technology, mobiles, and social computing, the IT industry is becoming more prone to the threats of cyberattacks. Government entities and enterprises are massively adopting these advanced technologies as their carriers and operational platforms for storing and sharing IT-related information, which is a growing concern for the cybersecurity world and professionals working in this domain. These incidents make the cyber world believe that cases related to security breaches are inevitable. The cyber strategies adopted by the enterprises and government entities need to go beyond defense, and it is becoming necessary to include an advanced approach in detection, response, and recovery. The increased numbers of cyberattacks give rise to the need to upscale the skills and incorporate the use of sophisticated tools and services along with developing a strategized approach that includes monitoring on regular and threat forensics.

According to Gartner, during 2013-17, North America has spent approximately 17 percent increased amount at the compound annual growth rate for managing security services.

The growing cybersecurity market and evolving threat landscape are resulting in many mergers and acquisitions. As per the analysis undertaken by CB Insight, many large-scale purchases have taken place during the last several years. The rising numbers and sophisticated approach pattern of cyberattacks are expanding the market for Cyber Security services.

With extensive use of cloud mechanisms, mobile, and social computing in every arena of digital life, security vulnerabilities have increased. Traditional cybersecurity products like antivirus scanners are not competent enough to prevent from threats. Security tools such as network security analyzers can be complicated for some enterprises to employ in their existing infrastructural setups. Even specialized cybersecurity professionals are, predictably, in short supply. Professional services firms are providing a safe harbor to the enterprises and government entities by introducing effective security services that marry the mechanization and analytical competencies of IT platforms with human intelligence to help clients to cope up with these enduring cyber vulnerabilities.

With the enhanced sophisticated approach of cyber-hackers, organizations can no longer rely on passive defenses against cyber-attacks. Advanced technological cybersecurity services can help organizations in monitoring, collecting, and analyzing large sets of data, and these offered cybersecurity services are programmed to recognize patterns that signify breaches. The advancement in the cybersecurity world helps government entities and enterprises to act as per the threats with more agility.

Assembling Automation & Human Judgment Analytics can empower organizations in reducing the threats of cyber-attacks and helps in lowering the expenses of controlling attacks that do occur. SARA Technologies Inc. is working as a Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence consulting firm and is one such benchmarked name that has achieved many milestones in the cybersecurity consulting. We develop cybersecurity services that minimize the exposure of your crucial data, confidential information, finances, and business infrastructure to any cyber-attack. STI offers efficient and cost-effective cybersecurity services by bringing innovation into our protocol.

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